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Trang ChủCác bệnh lý khác8 formulas to make acne masks for oily skin at home reduce acne immediately

8 formulas to make acne masks for oily skin at home reduce acne immediately

One of the normal physiological phenomena in a woman is the menstrual cycle. Will your health be reflected by the regularity of the cycle, how much blood is released? In fact, some of you are not familiar with the phenomenon and do not know how to monitor the cycle and take care of yourself during this time.

1. Learn about the menstrual cycle

This is no longer a strange phenomenon for women. During each cycle, there will usually be an ovulation, if they are not fertilized successfully, the endometrium begins to peel off, a cycle. menstruation begins.


Each menstrual cycle is usually 28 days apart.

In it, the endometrial layer is excreted from the female body, they come out through the vagina. This is the time of menstruation. For each menstrual period, the amount of blood can be more or less different. 

When women begin to enter puberty, menstrual periods will occur regularly in a certain cycle, usually at the age of 12 – 16. A cycle lasts 3 – 7 days, if it lasts from 7 – 10 days but bleeding spurt is still acceptable. Each average cycle is about 28 days apart, depending on the body of each person, the distance between the cycles may be longer or shorter from 3-5 days than the average. If located in such milestones, you are completely assured if your cycle is different from everyone.

2. Signs of menstruation

The menstrual period is also called by the women with the friendly name “red light day”, so during this period, what will the women have signs like? 

2.1. Blood from the vagina

First, the woman will see blood coming out through the vagina, which is usually dark red, slightly sticky and has a slight odor. In the early days of menstruation, the amount of blood is relatively high, after about 2-3 days, they become less and will end completely. The menstrual period will last for 5-7 days, depending on the person.


The amount of menstrual bleeding during the day varies.

2.2. Lower abdominal pain

Besides, most people before the red light will feel pain in the lower abdomen. It is a signal to inform your upcoming period, so you should prepare early. The pain level of each person is also quite different, some feel shady, dull, but many of you writhe and have to use pain medicine.

2.3. Sensitive

The temperament of girls will change a lot when you start your period. It is due to the hormonal change that makes their mood unstable, very easily angry, upset for unknown reasons. In general, during this time, women are quite sensitive, so guys, please sympathize!

2.4. Acne appears

The sisters are very headache when the red light, a few ugly acne will appear on their faces. The skin on your face becomes greasy, more oily, this is the right condition for acne to attack. However, they will quickly disappear, returning our beautiful face to us.

In addition to the above signs, women may also experience some of the following signs: breast tenderness, especially pain in the nipple area makes you feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the vaginal discharge – clear mucus will appear more than normal.

3. Women should use tampons, tampons or menstrual cups?

It can be said, these are extremely necessary things for women when menstruation occurs to prevent blood “spilling” out. On the market today, there are many types with many outstanding advantages for you to choose.

3.1. Sanitary napkin


Tampons are products used by many women.

This product is extremely familiar and has existed for a long time in the market and is the number one choice of women. With a variety of designs and constantly improving, tampons bring comfort to the user. In particular, the price is also very affordable.

However, we will encounter a bit of inconvenience when participating in active activities or playing underwater. If you do not know how to take care and use it, you are at risk of getting an infection.

3.2. Buffer

Tampons are inserted into the vagina and perform the task of absorbing blood, they are quite compact, convenient, do not smell, uncomfortable as when you use a sanitary pad.

However, if you use tampons during your period, you should change them often to avoid infection. In addition, you should choose carefully to avoid allergy to the ingredients of the product. You need to be careful when using tampons to reduce the risk of hymen tear.

3.3. Monthly cup

This product is being sought and used by many women today, helping us to mobilize freely. During use, you do not worry about smells, or inflammation. More specifically, this product can be used for quite a long time, about 10 years.

However, we need to find out carefully if you want to use the menstrual cup because it is difficult and inconvenient to insert and remove the cup if you are not familiar with it.


You can use tampons, tampons or menstrual cups as you like.

It can be said that every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, please refer to and choose the most appropriate and comfortable ones!

4. Living regime during menstruation

As mentioned above, when the menstrual cycle starts, the woman is very sensitive, tired because of blood loss and back pain, abdominal pain, etc.So during this time, the female should have a fertility regime. How to feel the most comfortable?

First, you should rest and relax more if there are signs of lower abdominal pain, back pain or insomnia. In particular, let’s keep the spirit of comfort, fun to limit feelings of frustration, anger or boredom for no reason! This will make you much happier, less uncomfortable.

During this time, girls should pay more attention to the diet, supplement products containing iron because your body is losing a lot of blood. Also products like coffee, alcohol or sugary goods are not good for your health at all. They make you feel more pain, mentally unstable and very sensitive.


You should not drink coffee on red light days.

Here are some issues that women cannot ignore, they are useful knowledge to help you monitor and care for your body during the menstrual cycle. If regular menstrual disorders occur, you should seek medical attention and determine the cause of this condition! Thus, you know if your body is okay or not?

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